Christmas might be the time of year where you eat, drink, laugh and watch TV all day, but there’s no saying you can’t look good whilst doing it. Whether it’s staying at home or a big family gathering, there’s no shame in looking your best. Especially if someone decides to whip out a camera.

I’m going to give you some Christmas day outfit ideas, whether you’re a casual girl or the kind of girl who likes to go all out, there’s sure to be something here for you. Click on the prices or images below to take you to the website to purchase the items.

Staying At Home/Comfy Christmas

Reindeer Jumper by Fashion Union – £18

Indigo Skinny Jeans by Miss Selfridge – £20

Staying at home doesn’t mean you can’t get into the Christmas spirit. This festive jumper and comfortable jeans combo is perfect for lounging around in all day, and still gives you that special holiday feeling. And come on! How cute is that jumper? Who could resist? Click on the prices or images to be taken to the website to buy.

Family Gathering

Star Print Shirt by Fashion Union – £20

Black Pleated Leggings by Forever 21 – £11.50

Leopard Head Pumps by Miss Selfridge – £28

So you have family coming over. Or you’re going over to see family. Whatever the case there’s sure to be at least one person you haven’t seen all year, a random aunt telling you she hasn’t seen you since you were a baby (no, I don’t remember you), oh, and a camera. So it’s best to dress up a little, even if you don’t really want to. And these leopard pumps will ensure that you’re able to stay on your feet all day. Click on the prices or images to be taken to the website to buy.


Christmas With Friends

Furry Biker Jacket by Fashion Union – £32

Sequin Hot Pants by Fashion Union – £9

Metallic Trim Wedges by Forever 21 – £22.93

You might be away at university, or moved out and unable to spend the holidays with your family this year and be spending it with some friends instead. So why not dress up a little and turn it into a party? The furry jacket is so chic and will keep you warm and those shorts, what a bargain! Topped off with these pretty wedges, you’ll have an outfit set for a day of fun. Click on the prices or images to be taken to the website to buy.


Glam Christmas

Chiffon and Ribbon Dress by Madam Rage – £10

Quilted and Studded Shoe Boot by Miss Selfridge – £46

This is for those of us who never need any excuse to dress up; the dress is glam enough so we look our best on Christmas day, loose enough so we can eat as much turkey as we like and cheap enough so there’s money left over for presents! These shoe boots are not only cute but the studs are on trend giving you a funky twist to your outfit. Click on the prices or images to be taken to the website to buy.

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