l:Mystery missus Bronteacoffee m: Dappy r: Kaye Vassell

Well well well… has Dappy been a naughty boy again?

For obvious reasons Dappy has been in on/off girlfriend Kaye Vassell’s bad books recently, but now some random chick is claiming he cheated on the mother of his child with her.

Huh… No Regrets is about you?

Cousin Tulisa was not happy to see this tweet replying back in her usual blunt manner.

But we’ve all seen Kaye’s Twitter rants before and know this girl is not afraid to air her load.


Oh no this shit just got serious.

The fat jokes are coming out!


So wait, you’re now pregnant?

I’m getting bad deja vu!

Darling are you serious?

Kaye’s going to melt his ears when she gets her hands on him.

What do you think guys? Did Dappy really cheat on Kaye with this girl?

I’m not convinced… It wouldn’t be the first time some psycho fan tweeted about Dappy getting them pregnant.

Let us know…