(L) Aliona Vilani(Famous Russian Dancer)  (R) Fabrice Muamba in full swing

After his cardiac arrest and being pronounced dead earlier this year, doctors told retired footballer Fabrice Muamba to take it slow and relax… but he’s going against their word all in the name of ballroom dancing.

The ex-Premier League footballer seems to be caught with the boogie fever in these early released pictures of him in Strictly Come Dancing.

Muamba is clearly feeling upbeat in these pictures and hasn’t forgotten his roots because I swear I can see him bringing the football floor-work and flair to the Strictly dancefloor. Go Fabrice, go Fabrice, go!


Strike A Pose: Fabrice and dance partner Aliona finish their section.

What a true survivor that Fabrice Muamba is!

Will you be tuned in watch him shake his stuff?