The Face4Music girls were spotted in fancy dress showing their Christmas spirit at The Doll House nightclub in London last month.

The photos look great and stuff but we’re disappointed our source didn’t get any pictures of the sexy shenanigans we heard went down on the night.


We hear there was lots of sexy fun going down (pun intended), and even one rumour of an iPhone home movie going around. Lesbehonest, we all want to see that!

The whole Face4Music team of models and management took over the VIP area of the club, and there was so many of them that the promoter later reported he had received complaints about there being too many girls!

Well, all we can say is whoever complained needs their head examined, we’re just pissed off we didn’t get an invite with some mistletoe. FFS!

Have you got pictures of your Christmas party? Send them to us and if they’re shocking enough, we might use them