Accessories don’t have to stop at your jewellery, bags or your shoes. Sometimes adding a little eye-wear – or removing some – can give you a whole new look, which is a great idea for when it comes to adding something new to your outfits.

There isn’t always a need for a wardrobe overhaul, sometimes the simple changing of a small detail can make the world of difference.

Why not check out some of my ideas of how to change up your eye-wear – or lack of it – to make yourself look like a new person.

Adding Some Geek Chic to Your Look


All of these artists have added specs to their look to give the a geek chic edge

Tinie’s a fan of it. As is Angel, Labrinth rocks them from time to time as well as Leona Lewis. What am I on about? Well, adding a pair of clear lens glasses to your outfit can change the whole look of it. It can make you look quirky, smart or give you a geek-chic edge.

And these kind of glasses go with just about anything. They can be thrown on with any casual outfit or added to a smarter look to give you a funky twist.

Wearing Sunglasses


Rita, Alesha and Labrinth are all fans of adding sunglasses to their look to update their look

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean it’s inappropriate to wear shades. The sun still (kind of) shines doesn’t it? Or maybe you just can’t bear to look people in the eye on some days.

Whatever the case may be and whatever the weather, there’s always room to wear sunglasses. They can add a superstar image to your look and who doesn’t like looking like a superstar from time to time?

 Removing Your Glasses


Daley switches between wearing glasses and not wearing them to change his image

If you are a regular glasses wearer then the case may be that not many people have seen you without your specs.

And the way your eyes look can change your whole face as well as the way an outfit comes together. Why not remove the glasses you usually wear and swap them for some contact lenses and give your face a new and fresh appearance.