C’mon, lift those legs! Drop that plate and give us 20!

Lethal Bizzle is taking Dench to a whole new level, as he’s just released a workout video to help you lose that extra tummy (or three) that you may have gained over Christmas from not saying no to an extra plate of turkey and stuffing.

The Dench brand owner has put together his own routine of  thigh burning, muscle straining routines that will have you sweating bucketloads, preparing you to fit into those jeans or dresses that you bought in the Christmas sales for the new year.

Ok, well, maybe that’s a lie, but check out the hilarious video the rapper has put together to help you keep a little healthy over the holidays.

You can also expect to see the video in his up-and-coming fitness DVD ‘Lethal B: Keeping Fit By The Park Trees’ early next year. (OK, sorry, we lied again but we can dream can’t we?!)

Can you see yourself getting into the routine in any parks near you? We’d love it if some of our readers recorded short clips of themselves performing the workout!

Mooove over Billy Blanks, it’s time to get DENCH!