Unidentified stowaway

Police have released the pictures of a man aged between 20 and 30 who fell from the sky on a Sunday morning back in September this year.

At around 8am on Sunday 9 September a young African man, believed to be from Angola, fell from the sky splattering on the ground in Portman Avenue, Mortlake near Richmond.

Police believe that the man’s body fell from a plane that was coming into land at Heathrow airport after either freezing to death with temperatures reaching  below -40 or he was crushed by the landing gear shortly after take off.

Police hope that releasing the image can help them identify the man so that they contact his next of kin.

Fatal landing: Body of man is removed from ground leaving blooded pavement

Now I know what you’re thinking.

How can somebody travel on the outside of an aircraft if he wasn’t one of the passengers or crew?

Well apparently it is possible if someone hides in the undercarriage of the plane (where the wheels are), exposing them to freezing temperatures and dangerously large crushing machines.

Some people are just that desperate for a better chance at life!

Very sad.