Instagram revealed a new policy stating that starting from 16 January, they had the rights to sell users’ pictures for advertising purposes… And not pay for or notify them.

The new policy will automatically opt people in, meaning your only choice is to not have an Instagram account.

How will some people deal?!

This has got everyone pretty worried, I mean, imagine Instagram steals your “just woke up #nofilter” picture for a skincare advert or something? I know, I know! This is a serious issue guys, all those artistic pictures of your breakfast can now be sold to major companies.

Some people were bothered buy their privacy being intruded and the possibility of their faces being plastered all over different media platforms:

Down with Instagram!

Others had a more relaxed attitude to the policy change though:

I’m having trouble believing Gap would buy this guy’s nudes.

Ha. I bet there is an Instagram model somewhere is hoping their picture will be used in a magazine. If only.

So, from the tweets I found the general consensus is that if you don’t have pictures interesting enough for advertisements you probably have nothing to worry about. It’s likely to only be on a rare occasion that this actually happens.

But then there was that girl whose image was stolen and printed on Topshop t-shirts…

Is anyone bothered by the changes in Instagram’s policy? Will it make you delete your account? Or could you just not give a damn?

Let us know in the comments below.