Different hair colour…similar outfits

Wannabe, copycat, budget-version… The list goes on when people try to compare Rita Ora to Rihanna but Rita Ora is more than fed up and insists that her style is original.

Speaking to Glamour magazine she said:

It’s just so unnecessary, the most unnecessary thing I’ve ever heard, actually. I mean, last time I checked, I’ve been blonde since I was 14 years old. My inspiration has always been from old-school, classic, so I don’t take any notice of that.

Okay, maybe you have been blonde since birth or whatever but there’s a big difference between having the same hair colour as someone and looking like their copy and paste image.

And Rihanna throws on a different wig every week, but how do you explain the copied outfits?

Continuing to prove that she’s totally different, she went on to say:

I’ve met Rihanna and she’s fun to hang with. Don’t get me wrong: I see nothing but great things, but I think it’s time to move on now.

*shrugs* We’ll move on when you stop wearing her hand-me-downs.