One of JME’s followers, Meff Jr, was probably feeling inspired by Skepta’s generosity earlier this year as he tweeted JME and Skepta asking them to donate £50,000 each to go to UNICEF charity. £50,000 each?! There’s cheeky then there’s just plain taking the mick:

£100,000? Straight into his bank account? Ummm…

JME then responded asking the follower to DM him his bank details:

But as we all know JME doesn’t follow anyone so obviously there was already a flaw in the Meff Jr’s plan.

Not letting that stop him, Meff Jr decided to publicly send JME his banking details. There’s no knowing if they’re real or not, but I’ve decided to blank them out just in case.

JME then retweeted screenshots of the tweets to his followers. Yeah, something tells me your bank account won’t be £100,000 heavier by the end of the day.