Lethal B’s brand Dench Clothing has seen a dramatic increase in sales recently following the unlikely endorsement from a certain Dame Judi Dench, who was pictured wearing one of his caps.

Lethal B says he has Dame Judi Dench to thank for the sales of his brand, as he claims that the picture of the legendary actress wearing his line helped him to gain some unintentional promotion.

Speaking to The Sun, the rapper spoke about his clothing line that shares the same name as the actress:

When she started saying in her posh voice that her grandchildren wore T-shirts saying “DENCHGANG” on them it had me in stitches, I’ll send her a Christmas card and send her whole family some DENCHGANG stuff.

I’m sure she’ll be waiting by the letterbox for that one.

The Dench brand, which can now be seen on a range of items such as snapbacks, tracksuits and an iPhone app has been keeping the rapper up at night. Commenting on the recent surge of sales of  the Dench brand Lethal B said:

 They have gone mental. I’ll wake up and I’ll get random sales at 3am from Australia.

Seems like Lethal has a loyal supporter, imagine if she promoted a future album from the rapper in a similar fashion!