The Howe Twins doing the walk of shame out of Louis Smith’s Hotel

After making it through to the quarter-finals of Strictly Come Dancing last Sunday night, Olympic gymnast Louis Smith, 24, wooed models the Howe twins, who he met at a Mayfair club, and later took them back to his hotel at around 6am.

Playboy Bunnies Carla and Melissa Howe, 22, were caught leaving the Olympic silver medallists hotel room at 4pm last Monday after spending the night in Louis’s hotel room.


Louis and the Howe twins partying at Mayfair club

But don’t be jumping to conclusions people, because apparently he was more interested in showing them pictures of himself and watching replays of him on Strictly!

Carla told The Sun:

We thought his intentions were obvious but when we got to his room it was not what we expected. The first thing I noticed was all the beauty products. Dozens of creams and even hair straighteners.

He gave us vodka then started showing us pictures of himself in a calendar. It was strange. He then started watching himself on Strictly, which he had recorded.

So what if he has creams, but I would have thought it was most men’s dream to spend a night with twin Playboy Bunnies (you know what I mean).

The man is mad!