Dozy Matthew Warnes

Matthew Warnes, 29, from Rotherham, south Yorkshire decided earlier this year to start growing his own crop of weed when he found buying it on the street too expensive.

To start with he brought a number of growing tools on EBay to help him tend to his ‘plants’, spending the majority of his Christmas money from the year before.

But when this mastermind’s stash was stolen he was so enraged that he called the police to report the theft.


Bet he didn’t bank on them arresting him as soon as they got to his property and found a few more pots!

On Tuesday Warnes was sentenced to 26 weeks in custody, suspended for 12 months, and ordered to complete 50 hours unpaid work. Plus if that wasn’t enough he then had to pay the £85 costs.


Talk about punishing the victims of crime, Lol!