Now ever since the whole Tulisa sex tape mess we’ve wanted to hear MC Ultra’s side of things, haven’t we. I mean, why did he even release the tape? Well we’ll have to wait much much longer for an answer because the garage MC has been banned from appearing on Celebrity Big Brother.

Obviously the word ‘celebrity’ is used very loosely.

An insider told the Sun that producers of the reality show wanted MC Ultra, real name Justin Edwards, to appear on the show as he would bring a lot of publicity. No sh*t.

However Tulisa’s lawyers have contacted the producers stating that MC Ultra signed an agreement to never ever appear on any reality show ever in his life. Being a bit dramatic there but you catch my drift.

A spokesperson for MC Ultra also said:

Reality TV is not his bag and it is not something he would want to do.

Yeah sure. I translate that as he’s not interested because he knows he’d get sued.

Who knew Tulisa had so much power, right? Well… actually, we did the day her lawyers stormed into our offices demanding we remove the naughty video.