A-Class Full Review

Over the years the A-Class has been known as a spacious little family car which was really practical but not desirable. Personally I think if it wasn’t a Merc people wouldn’t look at it twice; it was a little ugly car to be fair.

I’m guessing Merc had enough of seeing young drivers in A3’s and 1 Series’ and thought it would make sense to redesign and tailor the A-Class to meet the needs of young drivers.

A-Class Full Review

At the moment the new A-Class comes with six engine options. Three are petrol and the rest are, well you know diesel.

It would have made sense to throw a hybrid in there, just to get the other contenders shook; I’m guessing they didn’t think of that. The petrols are the 121bhp A180, 154bhp A200 and the 208bhp A250. Diesel engine lovers can get their hands on a 107bhp A180 CDI, a 134bhp A200 CDI and a 168bhp A220 CDI.

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The new A-Class shows that M still have it in them to create a neck breaking masterpiece. With the car’s definitive lines all over the place, its LED lights and its pitbull-like grill, it is definitely a showstopper. Optional 18″ alloys (which have run-flat tyres) makes the car even look more dominant and aggressive, but even on 15″, 16″ and 17″ wheels it still looks decent.


The interior of the new A-Class is designed to high standards, I’m quite impressed with it, it’s not as good as the 1 Series though, but it’s 10 times better than the A3’s.

The young will definitely love this as it comes standard with Bluetooth connection and USB for all your hands free and entertainment needs.


On the dash it has this little floating screen, which looks more like an iPad Mini stuck on, I don’t understand the look Merc were trying to go for, but it’s not really practical. If I left my little nephew in there for five minutes I’m sure he’d knock the thing right off by the time I’m back. So all the young parents out there, I’d advise you to be weary of the evil floating screen.

It has a really interactive steering wheel, the things got like 50 buttons on it, and you can answer calls, search through your phone directory (while connected via Bluetooth) change songs and scroll through the in-car menu. It’s nice and spacious; it can fit 3 adults in the back very well. The boot space is ideal for a hatchback, what more could you want?

Overall it’s a nice little hatchback, it’s got nothing on BMW but Audi and VW need to watch out! Mercedes-Benz has done a good job and I would give it 7.5/10

The New A-Class is on sale now, priced from £18,273. Only the 5 door is available, the 3 door follows in spring 2013.