It’s been a really eventful year in UK urban news, a lot of scandals and breaking news that have dominated conversations of towns across the country and social media platforms.

So, we’ve decided to do a little round-up of our top five scandals this year that have still had us talking months later:

5. Dizzee Rascal’s controversial Coco Pops snapshot


Ummm… we weren’t sure if Dizzee was joking, or if he was actually approached for an endorsement deal, but the rapper posted a controversial picture of himself and the Coco pops monkey on his Instagram page, claiming he had been approached to become the voice of the monkey character.

While some laughed and others raised eyebrows, we feel this may of been a practical joke from the rapper, but it certainly had many of us talking.


4.Cheryl Cole’s STD scare


‘Singer’ (we just can’t say that word without a shudder) Cheryl Cole felt it was convenient to release an autobiography this year, about her oh-so-interesting life.

The Call My Name singer went on to reveal she feared for her sexual health whilst being married to footballer and ex-husband Ashley Cole, as he had been promiscuous and cheated on her.

Funny how she didn’t feel she could have been the carrier of infection, I mean… she did move on to a new man rather quickly this year.


3. Wiley gets parred by Surrey Uni students


Another memorable moment for us here at Pappzd would have to be grime MC Wiley getting grief from Surrey University students during a live show.

The Heatwave hitmaker had turned up late to a gig at the university and students who had paid money for the live show, reported he was late, had a short set and was very unapologetic for putting on a disappointing show.

The students of the university had then targeted the rapper on Twitter, causing him to go into an outrage on the social networking site and reveal he would never perform there again.

Thanks for the entertainment Wiley, we hope you bring us some more in 2013!


2. Rob Kardashian calls Rita Whora out for cheating


As we draw closer to our number 1 scandal of 2012, we couldn’t leave out one of the most shocking Twitter scandals.

Forgotten Kardashian sibling, Rob, had shared some secrets about his former girlfriend Rita Ora and her alleged bedroom antics and let’s just say he went all the way in!

The reality TV star revealed on Twitter that Rita had slept with 20 men during their relationship and claimed her affairs had been unprotected.

The news set social media into a frenzy, causing Facebook and Twitter to blow up and led to Rita being a victim of unfortunate hash-tagging with #RitaWhora being a Twitter trending topic for a whole day.

As we approach a new year, Rita may even end up re-recording the bashment hit ‘One Man to Mi Pum Pum’. She could do with the reminder!

1. Tulisa’s very, very, verrrrryyy unfortunate sex tape


It happens to the best of them, well in Tulisa’s case…. ummm… moving on…

The former N-dubz singer has our number one favourite celebrity scandal of the year, as her very odd and awkward sex tape leaked online.

The singer was filmed by an ex-boyfriend showing her appreciation for his male-meat on her knees, with a very awkward performance, including the singer place his private part on her eyeball.

The X Factor judge received a lot of backlash for the tape, forcing her to make an apology video on her Youtube channel to loyal fans, but it didn’t seem to work with her critics as they continued to tease her throughout the remainder of the year.

We just hope that in the future Tulisa, if you’re going to record your bedroom encounters, at least spice it up a bit and act like you’re enjoying what it is you came to do!


That concludes our top 5 celebrity scandals of 2012 but tell us if your list would of been any different, or what were some of your favourite celebrity scandals of 2012 in UK Urban news?

We’d even appreciate it if you let us know your favourite celebrity scandals that you’ve read on Pappzd this year, and let’s hope 2013 is just as outrageous!