A pregnant woman was stabbed and robbed as she got into a mini-cab in East London, on Tuesday morning, new police reports have revealed.

The woman aged 30, who is currently 20 weeks pregnant, was struck in her leg and her handbag was stolen by a man who is thought to be a light skinned black male in his late teens.

It is believed that the suspect had been trying to rob a mini-cab driver, moments before the attack took place at 5:30 am on Claredale Street and he then turned his attention to the victim, as she approached the vehicle.

It was then that the 30-year-old victim was pushed into the back of the vehicle by the suspect, and despite alerting him that she was pregnant, he continued his attack proceeding to stab her in the leg before he fled the scene with her handbag.

Though definitive details on the male have yet to surface, he’s thought to be around 5’11 in height, a light skinned black male and is thought to have been wearing a cycle face mask, covering his mouth and nose, despite no evidence of a bike being used in at any point during the lead-up to the attack.

The victim was taken to hospital and discharged the same day with her unborn child unharmed.

Details on the case are still very light, as identities of the victim and suspect have yet to be revealed, Bethnal Green Robbery Squad are currently  investigating the case.