Reg Traviss free

Reg Traviss, 35, walked out of Southwark Crown Court as a free man yesterday afternoon, after the jury found him not guilty for two counts of rape.

The fashion designer,27, (who can not be named) had known Reg for many years and went drinking in a West End bar on 30 December 2011 with him and a few friends.

She then accused Reg of taking her back to his flat in Devonshire Road, central London, in the early hour of New Years Eve and raping her twice whilst she slept.

She told the jury how she did not consent to sex and how she was not able to stand at the end of the evening. She continued to say she had woken up both times during the ordeal, with Reg saying to her,

I’ve always wanted to do this to you

However, Reg told the court how ‘utterly flabbergasted’ he was when the police called him about the rape allegations earlier this year.

He told the jury,

I came away from that evening thinking this could be really good, this could be the start of something

He then explained to the jury how he offered to sleep on the sofa whilst she slept in his bed, but she asked him to sleep with her initiating sex.

She had a big smile of her face. She had been very inviting about me coming and getting into bed with her

He then went on the say the morning after he repaid her the £25 for the drinks the night before and walked her half way to the tube station, kissing her goodbye and arranging to meet up later that evening.

The jury then witnessed CCTV footage of the bar, showing the 27-year-old victim walking unaided to the toilet around the time they left the West End bar, making her claims that she couldn’t stand at the end of the night seem exaggerated.

On hearing the verdict, Mr Traviss closed his eyes and bowed his head, with friends and family cheering sounds of joy.