An inquest into Amy Winehouse’s death will take place on Tuesday 8 January 2013 as an investigation found that the original coroner, Suzanne Greenaway, lacked the correct qualifications.

Greenaway was appointed by her husband Dr Andrew Reid in July 2009, who was a coroner for Inner North London at the time.

But according to the law, you have to have either five years experience with the law society or five years experience as a qualified medical practitioner.

Ms Greenaway had neither! Goes to show what knowing the right people will get you, eh?

Therefore, a retrial will take place to decide whether the 27-year-old singer Amy really died of alcohol poisoning at her home last year.

Janis winehouse

Amy’s mother, Janis Winehouse, leaving St Pancras Coroner’s Court in October last year

I just feel for her family who have to go through it all again.