So obviously Rita Ora is aiming to be the worst dressed celebrity of 2012 because after a string of bad outfits, the girl just won’t stop. Seriously, how many times does she want her bad fashion sense to be written about?

Oh well, it’s entertaining for us.

Yesterday, the singer performed at her gig in New York’s Highline Ballroom in a tacky silk shirt and trousers combo. The suit had a vulgar print of leopards, chains and gold leaves making the singer resemble some kind of pimp.

Or… where they her pyjamas? I can’t quite tell. And could someone take a moment to explain those glasses, please?



And to make matters worse (as if it couldn’t get much worse), she wore a whole bunch of chunky chavvy gold jewellery with the suit.


No, Rita. Don’t clap for yourself. The outfit is horrendous.

Pappzd Verdict: Hang The Stylist