Rita Ora and Rob Kardashian in better times

Rob Kardashian, the 25-year-old brother of Kim Kardashian has explosively exposed Rita Ora on Twitter today, revealing alleged details about Rita’s sex life and claiming she has slept with around 20 men in one year.

While their rumoured romance had been reportedly on the rocks for some time now, given the pair’s conflicting work schedule, it seems Rob was finally having his final say on the situation, without any signs of turning back on his words.

Taking to the social networking site, Rob went on a rant that led to much speculation about his time with the R.I.P singer, before he deleted the tweets. However, we were able to grab images of his tweets before they disappeared.

Of course, the news promoted many tweeters to speculate on Rita’s alleged antics and received many mixed reactions from the social networking site:




Woah! That’s a big shocker! For the sake of Rita’s future career, we’d hate to think of what such a statement could do to her name.

The hashtag #RitaWhora (with a ‘WH’) was trending on Twitter as we published.

We do however wonder, if Rob is purely acting out of anger or if he, in fact, knew of her tag-team bedroom activities all along.

Do you believe Rob Kardashian, does Rita seem like the type of girl to have 20 men all to herself, or does this just seem like the early stages of an angry breakup?

Give us your views on the situation in the comments.