Last night, social media sites including Facebook and Twitter blew up, in reaction to the Rob Kardashian and Rita Ora love scandal and today we’re trying to figure out why such a big deal was made out of the situation, and was it fair?

For those who missed the drama last night, Rob had vented on his Twitter page about Rita’s alleged promiscuous behaviour, claiming that she had slept with around 20 men including unprotected sexual practices.

The shocking revelations set Twitter users into a frenzy and ultimately led to the hashtag trend #RitaWhora. The subject polarised opinions, gathering individual views from feminists, fans and general public opinion.

However, while Rita may have felt alone in the mist of the drama, some of her peers definitely had their share of opinions, on the situation though we’re not sure how serious they actually took it.

Check out how some of her fellow ‘friends’ in music, weighed in on the situation below: