ednkev (1)

Saturday night was when two comedians, Eddie Kadi and Kevin J, came together for the joint headline comedy show Ed ‘n’ Kev at London Sync in Stratford.

It didn’t get off to the best of starts as the show that was meant to start at 7:30pm kicked off at 9pm as word was that Kevin J was running late – but it soon turned out to be worth the wait when they took to the stage.

The comedy show, which the two friends wrote up in a matter of six weeks after a lightbulb idea in Nandos, had them both performing on stage at the same time; interacting with each other and mocking each other’s cultures, with the running joke being Kevin learning to Azonto!

One of my highlights is when 1Xtra’s DJ Ace asked the two to sum up Tulisa’s 2012… And Kevin started making glugging noises and hitting himself in the face with the microphone… *sharp intake of breath*

For the second half, they had an on-stage house party with some special guests: African dancers, upcoming singer Jacob Banks, Olympians Adam Gemili, Jeanette Kwayke and Perri Shakes-Drayton, Wretch 32 and retired footballer Fabrice Muamba who even did a little dance for everyone! Tinie Tempah was also backstage as was Kevin J’s rumoured girlfriend Dominique Moore.

Then for the finale, Kevin J finally mastered the Azonto and topped it off by throwing glitter from his pockets in a true dance battle You Got Served style.

Whilst I liked the guests that were brought out, the first half of the show was what I enjoyed more – and Eddie was definitely the stronger comedian but for Kevin’s first headline show, he did well.

Overall I give it a 7/10 as it was a night full of laughter and fun and I wish more UK comedians would join together in this ‘Kanye and Jay Z’ way.