PC Peter Robinson sending his anti-crime Christmas card

Police in Tower Hamlets have come up with a different approach to tackle crime and connect with those in their community; by sending Christmas cards to suspected gang members.

All a gangster really wants is a card.

But it won’t be your typical “Merry Christmas, don’t eat too much turkey! *wink*” kind of card. Oh no. There’ll be a stern warning attached to put any potential criminals off the idea of causing trouble over the festive season.

They will be informed of laws and sentences they may face if certain crimes are committed. What a way to kill the Christmas spirit.

With Christmas and New Year’s being one of the most crime active periods of the year, the cards also include information on how to get out of a life of crime. DCI Paul Warnett said of the plan:

This is no more than a means of crime prevention by targeting suspects rather than victims.

Also, these are suspected gang members. Imagine you’re a good little innocent community lover and you get that through your letterbox? I’d be offended!