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As Tulisa got ready to perform her latest single Sight Of You live on yesterday’s X Factor results show, everyone at home waited to see if The Female Boss would live up to her self-given title but instead, the normally feisty singer looked scared and nervous to perform.

As Dermot O’Leary announced that Tulisa would be performing after the break, she looked down at her hands and barely managed to crack a fake smile.

Dermot announces that Tulisa’s performing next and she can’t even smile?


Then, after a less than impressive performance, Dermot asked her how she felt to which she stuttered, “Terrifying.” Oh Tulisa, judging by Twitter everyone could tell just how nervous you were.

At the end she looked like she was about to cry…

And she might have had a right to be nervous because Twitter world was less than kind about her performance:

Even labelmate (but clearly not real mate) Jamelia didn’t have anything nice to say:

Boyfriend Danny Simpson loved it though:

Well, they say love is blind right? Maybe it’s deaf too.

Now this isn’t her first solo performance (let’s not forget that shambles of a performance on this year’s Britain’s Got Talent) but it was the day before her debut album release, the same album she’s already admitted she’s worried will flop.

Do you think Tulisa was right to be nervous? Or should ‘The Female Boss’ have more faith in herself?