It’s that time of the week again and with only one more weekend before Christmas shows will soon be getting into the festive spirit.

But what about those programmes you missed this week?

Well don’t panic because here is a weekly catch up of the best shows on TV at the moment, revealing what will be occurring in the weeks to come.

X Factor 2012 (ITV Saturday – 8.20pm & Sunday – 8pm)

Saturday and Sunday was the final of this year the X Factor and James Arthur was crowned the public’s choice.

On Saturday we saw all three finalists sing with their mentors, with Nicole having her work cut out!

And finally, after weeks of torture, Christopher Malone was kicked out the competition.

Never have I screamed so much at the TV!

And living up to his diva ways he decided to travel back to Liverpool rather than take part in the final show.

Never mind…

On Sunday we got to see pals Jahmene and James battle for the X Factor crown and up until the pair sang their versions of the winners song, it was difficult to choose between them.

But as soon as James sang his version of Shontelle’s, Impossible, he was destined to win.

Now what am I going to watch on a Saturday and Sunday evening?

James Arthur crowned X Factor winner 2012

America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion (cycle 18) (Sky Living TV Monday – 9pm)

This week one of our British girls, Catherine, went home and to be honest I’m surprised she got this far.

After flying out to the picturesque island of Macau on Monday, known for it’s fabulous silk, the girls had to do a photo-shoot covered in a different kind of silk… Silk worms!

Ergh! How disgusting, but ballsy American Laura pulled it out the bag saving her from eviction.

Next Monday the girls are in Hong Kong were they practice their fighting faces and throw a few punches with a couple of international actors.

They then soar to new heights for their photo-shoot, where ballsy Laura grabs a harness and hangs fiercely on the edge of one of Hong Kong’s skyscrapers.

I’m telling you now, you would NOT catch me doing that!

Spoiler Alert: Laura posing over Hong Kong

Eastenders (BBC1 Mon & Fri – 8pm, Tues & Thurs – 7.30pm)

This week Alfie got closer to the truth of Kat’s affair, becoming desperate to find out how she got her mum’s ring back from the pawnbroker. Michael then confirms Alfie’s fears when he tells him about Kat’s lover but says he doesn’t know who this mystery man is.

On Monday, Lola became angry with Phil, feeling she has no control over Lexi. She confronts Shirley who tells her to fight for her daughter.

Then yesterday at the court hearing, Phil was shocked to find out from the smug Derek that Sharon had a pill addiction and decided to take her down from the witness stand.

Phil was then granted kinship foster care of Lexi to Lola’s delight. But her smile soon faded when she discovered she could only have three supervised visits a week.

Tonight Alfie becomes suspicious of Kat when she goes Christmas shopping without her purse. He corners Michael to find out more about this mystery man but finds out nothing. Kat returns from shopping claiming she borrowed money from Roxy but will Alfie believe her?

Spoiler Alert: Tanya and girls get ready for hen-do

Spoiler Alert!

Next week Derek is followed by a thug after he leaves Walford to sort out Max’s stag-do. He gets a beating when he fails to tell the thug where Max is.

Max is left shaken when Derek tells him what happened and that the thug demanded more money.

Max decides to use his honeymoon money to pay off the thugs and gives it to Derek to deliver, but instead of helping his younger brother, Derek pockets the money for himself.

Also, Alfie tricks Kat into believing he has left for Portsmouth for the night to sort out a booze deal. She quickly gets a phone call and grabs the bedsit key, unaware that she is being followed.

Alfie follows her into the bedsit and kicks open the door to find the room covered in rose petals. He confronts Kat demanding to know who the man is.

She tells him it doesn’t matter as she went to the bedsit to end it, but Alfie sees through her lies and notices the tenancy agreement on the table. He goes to grab it but Kat gets it first setting it alight.

Alfie sees the name Mr Branning.

Which Branning could it be… Derek, Max, Jack or maybe even Joey?

And if this wasn’t enough drama for you, on Friday Lauren drunkenly confronts her mum Tanya and Max when Joey leaves Walford. She learns that Derek made Joey split up with her and that Tanya knew all along.

Tanya tells Lauren that she told Joey to leave Walford at her hen-do if he loved her. Lauren releases that Joey does love her and goes crazy ruining Tanya’s wedding dress and cake.


Spoiler alert: Alfie follows Kat to bedsit

Tool Academy (E4 Tuesday – 10pm)

This week was the final, but which tool gradated the academy taking home the £25,000 cash prize?

Well to see who deserved to win, Dr Scott had the tools attend one last class to earn their maturity badge, with a little help from the in-laws.

And it looked painful!

After the gruelling class room exam the boys then had to travel back in time and write love letter to their princesses, which they then had to read out in front of the parents.

Each tool done well over the series with Beefcake Tool, Brett, finally showing girlfriend Denize emotions and Cheating Tool, Alex, manning up and confronting girlfriend Jade. C.

But Weepy Tool, Luke. W, was this years winner after showing the most improvement.


Lets just hope they now use the money to help their relationship!

Winner 2012: Weepy Tool (Luck.W) and GF Shaunna

Made in Chelsea (E4 Monday – 10pm)

So things looked to be getting hot and spicy between Andy and Lucy.

But we couldn’t have been more wrong as Lucy dumped Andy on Monday night’s show and reveals she has feelings for Spencer.


Why Spencer… he’s fat, arrogant and definitely not the bad boy you crave.

But what about the other love birds?

Well Sophia finally told Proudlock that she had feelings for Francis.


But she was too late as she found Francis leaving his apartment with the pretty blonde he met speed dating.

God, this is just getting silly now.

The moment Francis introduces Sophia to his new date

Misfits (E4 Sunday – 10pm)

On Sunday, we met newcomer Abby who pretended to be doing community service and had seemed to have lost her memory.

This character is definitely a strange one.

Alex and Jess appeared to be going good but when Alex tried to reclaim his manhood things just started to spiral out of control. But don’t fear as Finn is sure to be there to pick up the pieces in the next episode.

And Rudy has recently been having girl troubles of his own as Nadine, who he met at last Sunday’s party, turns up at the community centre.

This Sunday is this series finale and Rudy’s passion for Nadine is put to the test.

Not wanting to give too much away, lets just say the final episode has a very biblical theme. Mainly involving evil nuns!

Rudy and Finn with newest member Abby