Woo! It’s the weekend!

And what’s been going on in the world of TV?

Well with Christmas approaching, the majority of our favourite shows are coming to an end but don’t panic because there are more to look forward to!

Here is the weekly run down of what’s been happening on the box this week, giving you a few sneaky bits as well.

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here (Every Evening on ITV)

Saturday was the final, which means we won’t be getting to see any more bum shots of David Haye or watch any more celebrities suffer.


But this year’s final was a shocker with favourite David Haye being voted out on Friday night leaving American girl Ashley Roberts and Eastenders star Charlie Brooks.

But who was crowned Queen of the Jungle?

Well it had to be a Brit, as it is a British programme, and even though the producers did use Charlie’s adorable daughter Kiki, 7, as a ploy to gain sympathy votes, Charlie did deserve to win.

Now we’ll just have to wait and look forward to next year…

Queen of the Jungle: Charlie Brooks

X Factor 2012 (ITV Saturday – 8.20pm & Sunday – 8pm)

So on Saturday the contestants had the choice of singing any two songs.

Jahmene made Nicole cry (what is it with American judges their need for waterworks?), James Arthur done his usual thing, Union J sang their harmonies and Christopher was a huge flop like always.

But this week’s vote had a twist. The judges didn’t get a choice who went through to the final.

And I have to say I was very annoyed when Christopher went through.

Who is voting for this Butlins wannabe? Smh.

Because of this Union J left the competition.

This weekend is the final hosted at Manchester Central with all three contestants battling it out to see who has the X Factor.

And what would the Final be without any famous guests?

Tomorrow along with having the contestants sing with their mentors, viewers will also get to see musical guests Kelly Clarkson, Kylie Minogue and Rita Ora.

Then as if that wasn’t enough, on Sunday we finally get to see who has won this year’s X Factor, along with performances from One Direction, Emeli Sande and Rihanna (again).

Union J are out of the competition

America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion (cycle 18) (Sky Living TV Monday – 9pm)

Another American has been sent packing, the third week in a row leaving only two!

With Georgia-born American Seymone being sent home, because of her bad attitude, could one of our four British girls walk away with the Americas Next Top Model crown? Looks likely at the moment.

And each week seems to be getting harder for the girls with a Hello Kitty theme in Monday’s episode and Barney Chung in the next.

But the girls are not only just going to be wearing silk gowns on Monday from the Barney Chung collection, they will also have silk worms crawling all over them.


Spoiler Alert: Brit Catherine covered in silk worms

Eastenders (BBC1 Mon & Fri – 8pm, Tues & Thurs – 7.30pm)

This week we saw Shirley return to Albert Square, Phil breaks up his and Sharon’s make-believe engagement and Lauren breaks down about her and Joey to sister Abi.

Tonight Alfie gets closer to the truth about Kat having an affair, but how much does he find out?

Spoiler Alert!

Next week Michael confirms Alfie’s fears that Kat is having an affair but what does he do about it?

Lola also finds out Lexi’s fate but will Derek spoil the hearing when he announces Phil’s make-believe fiancée Sharon is a drug addict?

Plus after fearing her daughter Ava would never forgive her, Cora is surprised when she turns up to Albert Square to give her mother a Christmas card.


Spoiler Alert: Lola finds out the fate of baby Lexi

Take Me Out (ITV Saturday – 7.05pm)

This week was the final episode of the series! Oww…

And instead of ending on a high for all the lovely fellas who came down the love lift, only three flew off to the Isle of Fernando’s with a lucky lady.

Poor Coach Driver Lain from Cornwall went home on a blackout.

But who were the other three lads and how did their dates go?

Well Rock Musician Micky from Manchester (who loves pink) grabbed single mum Danielle and their date went so well they have even arranged a second date!

Engineer George from Leicester chose Emma but the intelligence level between the two was just too much, making it perfectly clear that Paddy didn’t strike this pair with cupids arrow.

Finally pro rugby player and ex-marine Jordan from Salford was the first contestant of the series to end with all 30 lights still shining, meaning he had the gruelling task of turning off 28.

But in the end he chose tattoo artist Victoria and after their date it’s still not clear how this couple will get on.

Tattoo Artist Victoria

And what about the couples from the week before?

Well three out of four dates were successful.

With pirate Dan and Kate having a laugh, Giles and Angela being as outrageous as one another, and lawyer Joe and Edelle each shared their best 1st date.

But unfortunately student Hugh failed to impress Emily.

And that’s it from Paddy and the Isle of Fernando’s until next year…

Tool Academy (E4 Tuesday – 10pm)

Next week is the final, meaning only one tool will take home the £25,000 cash prize.

But what happened on Tuesday and which tool was sent packing?

Well after playing the operation game and working towards their devotion badges (where they were made to imagine their girlfriends dead!) Luke.B aka Mr Coventry tool was expelled.

That means only three tools remain with Brett aka beefcake tool, Luke W aka Weepy tool and Alex aka Cheating tool.

Which one will be graduating at this year’s tool academy?

Well that all depends on how they react when they come face to face with the in-laws…

Mr Coventry tool (Luke.B) with girlfriend Katie

Made in Chelsea (E4 Monday – 10pm)

So Louise was back on Monday and just in time for Jamie’s, Proudlock’s and Francis’s joint birthday party, with a Neverland theme.


And by the looks of things Louise was jealous of Lucy and Andy’s relationship, doing all she could to put Andy off.

But after exchanging words, Lucy made it clear to Louise that Andy is her man.

And what about the Sophia situation?

Well after Francis’ constant sulking and horrid attitude towards Sophia, she decided to end things with Proudlock and give Francis a go. But just as she does Francis catches the eye of another vixen.

This can only end badly!

Francis looking ridiculous at Neverland party talking to Sophia

Misfits (E4 Sunday – 10pm)

So on Sunday Rudy arranged a mash-up house party, but just as things looked good an evil, killing, life-size white rabbit started causing mayhem.


We also got a small glimpse of new girl Abby and we finally found out what Alex had been hiding. The fact he lost his virginity to a girl who is now a boy.

Enough to mess up anyone’s head.

But bless Jess as she took it in her stride, making their relationship even more envious as we root for them to get it on.

On Sunday we get a proper introduction to the new arrival Abby, who arrives at the community centre. But as she pretends to be a community worker she receives a very strange and unexpected gift, when she discovers the super-powers the centre holds.

The Only Way is Essex LIVE (ITV2 Sunday 2nd December and Monday 3rd December – 10pm)

Well the fact it was live couldn’t make it sound any worse than it actually was.

It was a shambles!

And with it based around a charity talent show, you knew this half-scripted production involving ‘real’ people was going to be a flop and look more like a Christmas Panto.

The worst performance was by Chloe who looked like she has been attacked by a pink fondant fancy with extra glitter and orange food colouring.

But you still had to applaud her bravery, even though she did sound like a strangled cat!

But the Oscar goes to Arg, who I don’t think realised he was being filmed backstage at the talent show, having what looked like an argument with Lydia and her mum Debbie.

Then the intensity was heightened when Nanny Pat (bless her) shouted at Arg in the background ‘well maybe if you lost some weight you wouldn’t be out of breath’, as he frantically panicked behind the curtain.


Now I have to give it to them for doing the show live, as the majority of soap actors find it difficult. But this was a recipe for disaster, as these amateurs stood no chance.

Cover your eyes people, Barbie and her posy are about!