new-yearsHave you decided what you’re doing to celebrate the New Year this year? Well whether you have or not, I’ve got a few ideas of different outfits that will be suitable for different NYE events. So even if you’re just staying at home watching the countdown on TV or if you’ve decided to go out to a bar there should be an outfit below that will suit you. Click on the prices or images below to be taken to the website to purchase.

Going to a Bar/Club

bar-club1Gold Prom Style Dress by Madam Rage – £10


Peep Toe Wedges by Forever 21 – £19.43

bar-club3Black Clutch Bag by Miss Selfridge – £18

Obviously going to a bar or club is the perfect opportunity to glam up for New Year’s. This gold prom dress is simply gorgeous and worn with a black clutch and black wedges makes for a dressed up but easygoing outfit, perfect for dancing into the early hours of the next day and a possible long journey home. Click on the price or image to be taken to the website to buy.

Going to a Restaurant


Bird Print Blazer by Fashion Union – £14


Leather and Mesh Bralet by Miss Selfridge – £22



Sequinned Pencil Skirt by Oasis – £15


Pewter Knuckle Clutch Bag by Fashion Union – £20


Cuff Boots by Miss Selfridge – £20

Sitting down for some food and drinks on NYE means a smart and dressy look and this colourful bird print blazer with the deep blue sequinned skirt would look great together. Along with the chic bralet and boots, this is sure to make for a great look. Click on the price or image to be taken to the website to buy.

Going to a Fireworks Display


Sparkly Crop Top by Fashion Union – £14


Grey Cocoon Cardigan by Oasis – £20


Plum Skinny Jeans by Fashion Union – £8


Black Chelsea Boots by Shoeaholics – £29

For those of you going into town to watch a fireworks display or maybe just walk around mingling with tipsy NYE celebrators; you’re going to need something that’s going to keep you warm, comfortable and looking good. This outfit is brightened up by the on trend plum coloured jeans and the boots will ensure that you are able to walk up and down for as long as you need to. Click on the price or image to be taken to the website to buy.

Staying Indoors – Glammed Up


Bejewelled Lapel Blazer by Fashion Union – £38


Colourful Sequinned High Waisted Shorts by Fashion Union – £18


Metal Tip Brogues – £19.75

Maybe you’re staying at home with a few friends. Maybe you’ve been invited to a friend’s for a few drinks and a dance. Whatever the case may be, you’ve decided that you want to make an effort. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the blazer. All those jewels? Wow. And along with those shorts, you’ll look like a perfect disco diva, as for the shoes, you’re probably going to be asked to take them off anyway so why bother with heels? It’ll make the long journey home at the end of the night easier too. Click on the price or image to be taken to the website to buy.

Staying at Home – Comfortable


Geek Sweater by Fashion Union – £14


Basic Leggings by Oasis – £14

Yeah… who needs to look good when they’re curled up  on the sofa watching telly with a glass of wine? If you don’t want to, then no one. Especially if no one’s actually going to see you. And this ‘geek’ sweater is comfortable and cool, all in one. Just pair it with a some leggings and slippers and you’re set for the evening. Click on the price or image to be taken to the website to buy.

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