scream and shout

According the The Sun, Tulisa is furious with US singer Will.I.Am after she was replaced by Britney Spears in his latest single, Scream and Shout.

The article claims that Tulisa originally co-wrote the track, then called Don’t Give a F***, with US producer Jean Baptiste and it was set to feature on her debut album, The Female Boss.

However, when Will.I.Am heard the track he fought for it to be his, scrapping what Tulisa wrote and replacing her with Britney.


This apparently explains why Britney has a very strange accent in the track as she tries to mimic Tulisa’s Londoner vibe.


No wonder she’s pissed, especially now it’s doing better than her latest single Sight of  You.

A source told The Sun:

The song was due to be Tulisa’s third single from her album until Will told his protégé Jean that he wanted the beat for him and Britney. She now has to watch on as the song goes Top 5 around the world

At one point Tulisa was even considering releasing her version to rival Scream & Shout, but now it’s unlikely to see the light of day unless it gets leaked

I hope it does because I might actually believe it!

Until then I remain skeptical.