Victim of Bullying: Chevonea Kendall-Bryan

Victim of bullying: Chevonea Kendall-Bryan

The bullied 13-year-old girl, Chevonea Kendall-Bryan, from Saint Cecilia’s Church of England school in Wandsworth, jumped 60ft to her death after mobile phone footage of her being forced to perform sex acts on two boys at a party was spread around her school, an inquest heard yesterday.

A friend, who can not be named for legal reasons, told the court how the footage started to circulate around the school. She told the hearing,

There was girls on my bus talking about a video and Chevonea was in it. I saw it when I was at my friend’s nan’s. We were outside and some boys were next to us and they was like ‘do you know Chevonea?’ They gave us the phone and said ‘watch this’. I looked at it until I realised what was going on and then looked away

She went on to tell the court that she wasn’t sure if Chevonea knew the video was being taken.

Chevonea before the assault

Teacher Zach Darlington was responsible for child protection at the school and is accused of failing to help Chevonea, who was being bullied by a group of boys and had started to self-harm by cutting herself with scissors.

Mr Darlington admitted to the court,

There are three main areas I would’ve done differently

But after finding out that Chevonea had been self-harming Mr Darlington handed her case over to nurse Sally Bishop, who has since retired.

She too failed to help Chevonea.

Chevonea's mother: Angela

Chevonea’s mother, Angela, outside court

Mr Darlington told the court,

I referred this to Ms Bishop because she was in an appropriate position to deal with self-harm. There is a difference between someone who has no problems with pupils and those who self-harm. If Chevonea threw herself out the window, that is one of the most destructive things she can do. If she did, it might be because of mental health problems that started when she cut herself

Pappzd contacted the school for more information but they declined to comment.

The inquest continues.