Victim: 17-year-old Dogan Ismail

Dogan Ismail, was stabbed to death on Sunday 30 December after a row over a stolen Blackberry had broken out at a block of flats, in Walworth, south-east London.

Dogan and his younger brother had gone to get back their stolen Blackberry when they confronted a group of four youths who started an argument.

The stolen device had been taken from Dogan’s 15-year-old brother Ohran by three pupils whom he recognised from his school, as he walked home after playing football.

According to The Sun, two days after the phone had been taken, Ohran had received a message saying:

If you come here we will give it back to you

The boys went to the Latimer House Estate in south-east London to claim back the stolen phone, but one of the boys they met there stabbed Dogan in the chest at the top of the stairwell.


The 17-year-old’s younger brother claims that one of the members of the group had made out they were going to give back the phone, but ended up stabbing Dogan. He went on to say:

He made to give back the phone, but instead brought a knife from behind his back and stabbed Dogan in the chest.

Ohran then tried to stop his brothers chest from bleeding, but was unable to control the blood flow that was pouring from his chest.

Though all suspects have yet to be named in relation to the case, police have already named a suspect they are urgently looking for.

Dawda Jallow from Peckham, is believed to be aged 15 and is black, clean-shaven, around 5′ 5″ in height, slightly built and has a short cropped afro.

The suspect was also described as having brown eyes and speaks with a London accent, although he is a Gambian national.

Detectives had revealed yesterday that Jallow had been seen eight hours after the killing.


Police want to speak to Dawda Jallow in connection with murder

The grainy CCTV image above is the only confirmed sighting of the murder suspect, whom police strongly believe could have been wearing the same clothes when he was seen on a No. 35 bus from Camberwell Green in south London to Newington Causeway at 10.31pm on 30 December, the same day of the death.

A 15-year-old boy has been arrested on suspicion of murder and a 39-year-old woman on suspicion of perverting the course of justice, all in connection to the incident and were bailed on new year’s day.

The Metropolitan Police and London Ambulance Service were called to Latimer House, Beaconsfield Road, at 4.20pm, where the victim, from Peckham, south-east London, was pronounced dead at the scene.