With a Golden Globe win under her belt, could Adele be preparing for global domination again?

The singer recently spoke to Entertainment Tonight at the 2013 Golden Globes awards and fans who have been anticipating new music from the singer may not have to wait too long for her to get back to work.

She said:

I was meant to be doing it (tour) but then my throat happened, so I couldn’t do it and then I got knocked up so then I couldn’t do it. I’m not sure when but when a new record comes,when I write a new record,then absolutely, yeah I can’t wait.

She then hinted that her music may take a different direction to the usual sound we’re used to hearing from her, which consists of mostly songs about heartbreak and love loss:

And my inspiration normally comes from heartbreak, but I don’t think I am going to have to get devastated again, so that’s good.

Quite interesting that Adele seems like she may no longer sing about heartbreak, when it’s songs of that nature that have been the reason for her phenomenal commercial success.

Her first album 19 has sold 7 million copies worldwide, while her second album 21 sold a staggering 27 million copies around the world and is still selling, despite a release in January 2011.

With a new boyfriend in her life and a baby son, how will Adele’s current personal life effect her future music? Does anyone want to hear a happy album from Adele?

Let us know the direction you think she’ll go in for her new album and whether or not you feel she’ll be able to top the sales of her previous two albums.