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The X Factor rumours have already started circulating, and we’re nowhere close to the next season.

It was reported in the Daily Star recently that Tulisa had left the show after serious rows with the show producers

Tulisa had a blazing row with ¬producers when she found out Nicole was coming back. She can’t stand working with her and Tulisa is not enjoying the job at all.

The producers couldn’t wait to get rid of her. She turned her dressing room into a nightclub and would boom out loud music.

Apparently its not true though, and an angry Tulisa took to Twitter to have a little rant about it.


She might want to let her dad know then, because he apparently also said that she didn’t want to do X Factor anymore, and was only in it for the money.

To be honest, part of me wished the rumours were true. I’m getting a bit tired of seeing her on the show, and after all her acts were booted off so quickly last season, it might be a sign that it is time for her to give it a rest.

Just a suggestion.