The two girls who claim Dappy assaulted them at a Surrey petrol station, have now been photographed during the trial in which they claim the star had spat at them while verbally abusing them.

Grace Cochran, pictured right, and Serena Burton, pictured left, have both claimed they had no idea who Dappy was when he had approached them with a group of men at the time of the incident.


They claim Dappy and the group of men had approached them in a flirtatious manner and had said something along the lines of:

All right girls and all right sexy girls

When prosecutor for the case, Brian Stork asked if they were interested in their approach, they replied:

No, we didn’t know who they were. We told them to leave us alone.

At this point, Miss Cochran claimed Dappy described them as ‘sluts’, after their refusal to accept his invitation to get into his waiting car with him.

When asked how she had replied to the situation, Miss Cochran said:

You’re boring.

She then claims that her response had then caused Dappy to spit at them, but confirms the spit did not have any contact with her but landed on the floor near her.

Forget the nature of the trial, can you believe these two girls didn’t even know who Dappy was?  Talk about terrible spit game, on and off the mic!