Hotheaded Italian footballer Mario Balotelli has been involved in a massive bust-up with his Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini at a training session.

Mancini reportedly lost the plot when  Balotelli made a reckless challenge on team-mate Scott Sinclair at the club’s Carrington training base on the outskirts of Manchester.

Pictures later surfaced of the pair being separated in the middle of a heated argument, before they were quickly separated by coaching staff.

A witness at the training ground who had watched the heated argument kick off said:

Mancini ran at him, he was furious. He grabbed hold of him and appeared to try and throw him on the floor.


He then went on to say:

It looked like Mario was too strong and he couldn’t get him down. Then all the coaches ran in to separate them but Mancini was having none of it. He kept trying to break free and have a go at him again.

Well, this certainly doesn’t help dispel any rumours that Balotelli’s place at the club is in jeopardy, despite his unruly behaviour in the public eye over the last few years.

What a way to kick off 2013!