Since the demise of CDs in many music retailers, a lot of people began to believe that radio stations were the driving force behind the success of artists’ commercial success; with songs that may not have necessarily been tolerated by the general public several years ago gaining huge success.

However, in a new report released by BBC radio 1, the popular station have revealed that they are not solely responsible for the success of many records, though they serve as a contributing factor in the popularity of a lot of songs played on air. They state that they are not the key driving force behind artists’ charting positions.

Head of BBC radio 1 and BBC radio 1xtra, George Ergatoudis said in a statement.

Of course we do have influence, but the public know what they like and if we don’t acknowledge that they’ll soon turn us off and go elsewhere.

He then went on to speak about Radio 1’s diversity as a music station, saying that he feels they cover a wide range of musical genres, boldly going on to claim that they pride themselves on pushing the music market forward by taking risks and challenging radio standards and the average listener.
George continued to say that the station pride themselves on introducing new artists to a broad audience, but this should not be confused with only aiming to seek commercial success.

We have a mission to break new artists, but of course it would be wrong to simply define success as crossing over to the mainstream. We play music from TNGHT and Bring Me the Horizon because it’s exciting, not because they’re about to have Top 40 hits.

In short, the station are not holding responsibility for the success of many artists’ mainstream hits that the public may not be in favour of when they complain about the mediocre quality of music played. Instead they suggest that the general public ultimately pick and choose what music fits their personal preference.
Do you agree with the radio station? Is the general public just as much to blame for many commercial hits dominating the UK music charts?
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