Last week we showed you the first glimpse of Wiley and Chip on the set of Wiley’s latest video for his new single Reload, and now we’ve had an exclusive look at the final edit courtesy of Link Up TV.

The video was shot last Wednesday 16 January in Vauxhall near where the helicopter crashed and killed the pilot and a passer-by the day before. Though scheduled for shooting at that location for several weeks they almost had to cancel until safety officials assessed the site and gave the green light.

The video is set in a busy club setting and features guest appearances from Chip and new artist, Miss D who we previously heard on the hooks of Wiley’s previous hits, Heatweave and Can You Hear Me.

Chip is seen in the video, swaggin’ and rocking out in the club with a pair of dark shades, while Miss D is seen giving a solo performance for her contribution to the track behind a wall of  stunning bright lights.


While on set, Wiley spoke about his album, due for a 10 March release, and stated he had more artistic freedom with the project and revealed his plans on launching his own music acts.

Talking to Link Up TV he said:

I’m making a journey back home to the musical land that I love, where no one can tell you what to do, you just do what you’re meant to do.

He also revealed:

I’ve got A-list records, I’ve signed six or seven acts and I’m trying to make them all work.


Reload is the latest single to be taken from Wiley’s forthcoming album, The Ascent.

The behind-the-scenes video will be available on Link Up TV’s website tomorrow (Friday 25 January) at 3pm and it will be the first full-length airing of the song. It was recently previewed on BBC Radio 1 when a short snippet was played on air.

Make sure you take a look.