Beyonce is currently preparing her comeback and she’s looking to take over (or if were talking about her latest spread for GQ Magazine, she’s taking a lot off) in a very big way.

Lined up for the icon this year is her Superbowl half-time show performance which takes place on 3 Feb, a feature-length documentary which followed her pregnancy and motherhood, and a new album which is reportedly going to be released this April. Phew!


The shoot, which shows off Bey’s banging new figure since giving birth to her daughter exactly a year ago, has generated a lot of buzz on the internet over the last 2 days and the scorching new shoot even had some of our UK celebrities having their eyes glued to the pics.

Keisha Buchanan and Clement Marfo couldn’t contain their excitement for the spread on their Twitter accounts:



Even Kerrang radio host DJ, Mat Stocks has claimed he can’t escape the pictures on his Twitter timeline!


While the photos have generated a lot of buzz, Bey has faced comparisons to Bajan Pop star Rihanna’s  GQ cover, which dropped in last years edition of the Magazine.

Some claim Bey was trying to copy Rihanna’s suggestive poses, in a bid to prove she can still keep up with her sexy image since giving birth last year.

The two covers have been merged together to try and prove who was the hottest out of the two and it brought along an online argument between the two singers’ separate fan bases; the Rihanna Navy and the Beyhive.


Twitter reactions were divided between separate groups of fans and the general public, but here were some of our favourites:






Seems like everyone wants a piece of Bey, especially our fellow celebrities.  Hopefully Clement remembers she’s a taken lady, but we’re sure Jay-Z has his own stash of very special pictures. Ha!

We want to hear from our readers about who they feel rocked the cover best and do you feel like Beyonce is trying too hard to be too sexy in a bid to keep up with Rihanna?