Britain’s Got Talent has been accused as Labrinth’s older brother, 27-year-old Joshua Mckenzie, has gotten as far as one step before the live shows in the talent competition.

As we all know, Labrinth – real name Timothy Mckenzie – is signed to Simon’s record label Syco and Simon Cowell is a judge on Britain’s Got Talent.

Producers of the shows have denied this (obviously) saying that Joshua – stage name MckNasty – got through on his talent alone, which is drumming.

A source told Insider Biz that suspicions were raised when Simon asked MckNasty:

Do you have any… tell me something interesting about you.

The source suggested that Simon’s question almost sounded like he was going to ask MckNasty if he had any famous relatives but quickly changed his mind.

Come on now, many questions start with “Do you have any…?”

Maybe he was going to ask if he had any… other talents? Or any… spare drumsticks?

Oh, I don’t know, but it seems they’re clutching at straws a little; there’s a “fix” every single year. And if you have industry connections then why not use them?