Whether you care or not, RIM are launching new Blackberry phones very soon.

More importantly than the phones, they have completely re-written the OS (operating system) and will launch BlackBerry 10 at the same time. A special invite-only event is being held on 30 January in a plush New York City location.


RIM has been working on Blackberry 10 for a long time and some details have been revealed.

The whole system is faster, smoother and now has ‘Active Frames’ on the homescreen. These frames are like Android-style widgets giving you information from an app without having to actually open it.

New Keyboard

There’s a new touch-screen keyboard with better text prediction, so even if you type quickly, the keyboard will keep up.

New Camera

  • The ‘time shift’ camera feature is something RIM is keen to promote. Basically, you take a picture of your friends and the camera checks their faces for a few seconds.
  • Once it identifies the faces, you can ‘roll back’ time to where each person had a smile or their eyes open. It sounds crazy, but it reportedly works well.
  • You can even adjust each person’s face individually to get a perfect picture. This feature could be VERY useful for pictures of a night out, if you know what I mean!

New Handsets


You’ve no doubt heard about this part already but RIM is also expected to announce some new Blackberry smart phones at the event. Not much has been confirmed in terms of specs, but there will be at least one, new touch-screen only phone and a traditional QWERTY device.

Overall, RIM still has a lot to do to prize owners away from their Androids and iPhones, but the early signs are positive. The question is whether or not this is a case of too little too late…

Are you still using a BB? Would you consider getting another one, or time to move on?