Well, this year’s Celebrity Big Brother has to be one of the most disappointing line-ups the show has had since it’s switch to Channel 5.

Hardly any of the character’s are relatable, where are the Makosi’s, Science’s, even the Aisleyne’s of this series? Not only that, but is it us, or have Channel 5 seemed to target at a different audience this go round? I mean, most of the contestants are around or over the age of 30, so is it Big Brother or Old Uncle?

We’ve had a hard time deciding who we feel our Pappzd readers are feeling so far and while it’s still early into the series, and we can’t believe we’re saying this but we feel as if Rylan is the only housemate who has the potential to show some Urban streaks as he is quite funny and unpredictable; (I’ve had a few laughs in person with him myself, he does provide some banter, trust me!) .

Another favourite of ours is bubbly page 3 girl Lacey, who came across very energetic in her VT so hopefully she’ll provide us with a few laughs too.

Seriously though, who do you feel is the most relatable housemate so far and closest to getting support from an Urban audience? And what type of characters/celebrities would you like to have seen enter the house?

Let us know, we’re sure our readers could come up with a better roster than Channel 5!