Flipping 'ell, it's packed!

Flipping ‘ell, it’s packed!

Not even the rain could stop Coventry University students from turning up in their hundreds to catch a glimpse of RnB star Angel perform at Platinum nightclub on Friday night.


Despite there being several performers on the bill, it’s safe to say Angel was the focal point of the night.


From the long line of scantily clad young ladies queuing in the rain for at least 20 minutes outside, to the girls inside going absolutely berserk when he came on stage… you’d think it was Usher or Justin Timberlake.


Though Angel was only on stage for what seemed like a blink, he is fast becoming the UK’s leading RnB act of the moment.

Spectator Annick Solle stated:

He’s hot man. I didn’t hear him singing properly he’s just hot.

Security struggled to keep the crowds at a safe distance away from the Wonderful star, with numerous fights breaking out before Angel even performed!

Another audience member said:

The club was disgusting. There were so many ratchet people and girls fighting. But then Angel’s performance was AWESOME! Fuse was shit.


At least some of them got to touch the Wonderful singer

Without doubt, Angel is kind of a big deal now and should probably invest in more security… unless he likes being rushed by loads of girls. *wink*