In an interview with Pardon My Blog, Craig David revealed that he hopes to release an album later this year.

Talking to the website, the Rewind singer said:

The new album is what I’m working on right now… hopefully for a 2013 release. It will take the RnB route as that is what I love, the direction is kind of a selection of songs that will eventually cement into an album.

He also told the site:

There is a garage feel on the album, just need to make the production a lot fresher for sure.

Hopefully this means we’ll be hearing tunes similar to the garage classics Rewind and Fill Me In on the new album.

Craig also discussed the possibility of collaborating with Drake saying:

We got introduced at a restaurant and we exchanged details and when I’ve got the right record at least now I have his contact. On a record with me and Drake we’d have to go all out.

Oh yes.

That would be really interesting.

Hopefully his album will have the same sound and success as his debut album Born To Do It, which I still think is his best work.