One of 10-year-old Damilola Taylor’s killers Rickie Preddie, 25, has been sent back to jail after breaching his parole for the third time.

He and his brother Danny were sent to jail for eight years in 2006 for the fatal stabbing of Damilola Taylor. Rickie was released in 2010 after serving just four years of his sentence.

He has been sent to jail for after a stolen motorbike was found at his hostel.

Damilola Taylor’s father Richard has criticised the way the law has handled his son’s killers saying:

Preddie has proved he cannot be rehabilitated. He should now stay in prison. If he had been jailed for life for killing my son in the first place, we wouldn’t have this prison merry-go-round.

Since his release in 2010, Rickie was sent back to jail just five months later for mixing with gang members, and after his release in May 2012 sent again for the same breaches.