N-Dubz rapper Dappy

Oh Dappy, please tell us you took that hat off before the judge cursed you

Dappy plead not guilty today in response to charges that he allegedly assaulted two teenage women by spitting at them at a Surrey petrol station last year.

Dappy had reportedly approached the two 18-year-old women and invited them to get into his car, to which they refused. Unhappy about being turned down Dappy called the women ‘ugly sluts’ which led to a fight breaking out between Dappy, one of his friends, and another group of men.

Two co-defendants have also denied the charges, while another, 28-year-old Alfred Miller, has plead guilty to affray.

Prosecutor for the case, Brian Stork said:

What very quickly became apparent was that however interested Mr Contostavlos might have been in the girls, they were not interested in him.

He went on to say:

So his attitude changed, and from being polite and inviting, he became rude. He called the girls ‘slags’. He described one of them as ‘ugly’. And then as a result of one of the girls calling him ‘boring’, he spat at them.

Dappy’s trial was meant to start in October, but was postponed to allow him to go on tour. If he is found guilty, he could face up to six months in jail.

The N-Dubz star does seem quite remorseful over the situation as he tweeted the following on his Twitter account, with a sad emoticon, most likely to be linked with his trial length:


Since his court appearance, Dappy has been sighted wearing a beanie that reads ‘Bad intentions’ the same title of his debut album. We get that he’s taking the opportunity to promote his album while the press focus is on him, but we don’t think that it’s appropriate in this case AT ALL!