Donovan Nelson is 54, from Essex, and might be very, very troubled.

He spent over £10k on surgery to change his body last year, because he was finding it harder to stay looking good and he wanted his 33-year-old wife to carry on finding him attractive.

OK then.

Donovan Nelson before and after

Donovan Nelson before and after

The MailOnline reported this story, saying

In his younger days Donovan, who owns his own marketing company, was better able to achieve the results he wanted but after starting a family and living a busy working life, he struggled to maintain a lifestyle that was active enough to give him the body he wanted.

What! Sorry, but did HE have the children?


In the picture above, we can’t tell whether that’s Donovan or his sister standing behind Coco his wife. If anybody knows, please write in and tell us.

Donovan told MailOnline:

You can only go so far with exercise and at my age it’s much harder to keep the weight off.

I do a lot of cardio but it’s hard to shift the fat in certain areas, especially after a certain age.

The good thing about this treatment is it’s targeted weight loss off the area you want to lose it from. I had love handles and fat below my pecs and I wanted to get rid of it.

Oooh you manly man, you. I bet that all goes down well with the fellas at the Dog & Duck on a Friday night. I bet the pictures below help your mates understand why you would do a thing like this too.


And Donovan is a real diamond geezer, even going so far as giving other men advice

I would say to other men, try and get in shape through exercise first, but if that doesn’t work then perhaps surgery is a better option. Also, the amount it costs is a good incentive to keep it off.

Yeah, cos men are really going to listen to you now, what with all those new man-points you’ve gained. You’re really speaking their language there.

What do you think? Fellas, would you? Ladies, would you encourage your man to do this? Be honest, tell us below