To mark the 20th anniversary of Stephen Lawrence’s death and also an exact year after the conviction of his killers, Doreen Lawrence has launched a campaign called SL20 in memory of the brutal killing of her teenage son.

Talking to ITV’s Daybreak, Doreen insisted that more would be done this year to ensure that no other family would have to go through what she has, suggesting the launch of an outreach programme to bring trust back to the British legal system and fairer community policing.

Doreen has previously accused the Metropolitan police of not caring about race issues which led into an in-depth investigation of the evidence surrounding Stephen’s death. Claiming that there was still a lot that needed to be done, Doreen stated:

Just before Christmas, I received a joint letter from David Cameron and Nick Clegg saying that their policy is that race is very important to them. I think that words are very good, but we need to see some action.

She also insisted that she was continuing her fight to see the rest of Stephen’s killers caught and brought to justice.

There will be a memorial concert taking place in April as well as annual lectures, a criminal justice lecture and a gala ball.

A memorial service will also be taking place on the actual date of Stephen’s death, April 22, at St Martin in the Fields.