Eastenders Star & Victim: Gemma McCluskie

Eastenders Star & Victim: Gemma McCluskie

It has be revealed at the Old Bailey over the past few days that Eastenders actress, (who played the character Kerry Skinner back in 2001) Gemma McCluskie, 29, was so fed up with her brother smoking weed that she wanted him out of her flat.

The court heard yesterday how Gemma had told her friend, Erica Stephenson, hours before she was killed that she was fed up with her brother, Tony McCluskie, 35, drug habits and how he had left a tap running flooding the flat.

She was very annoyed, verging on angry. Her mother had left her in charge and she was sick of him smoking so much, that’s why he overflowed the bath.

She wanted to chuck him out.

Gemma left Erica at around 2pm on 1 March last year and returned to confront her brother in their flat on Pelter Street, Shoreditch, east London, where her and her brother had been living since their mother had been in hospital with MRSA.

Accused of sister's murder: Tony McCluskie

Accused of sister’s murder: Tony McCluskie

Tony McClucskie is accused of murdering his sister around the time she arrived back at the flat, cutting up her body with a meat clever and then dumping her in the Regent’s canal.

Blood was found in the flat’s bathroom and a blood-stained knife in the kitchen.

Gemma’s father, Tony Sr and brother Danny identified a man seen getting a minicab to the canal a day after her disappearance, however yesterday CCTV footage was shown to the court showing her brother Tony carrying his sister’s remains.

l: Father Tony senior and r: other brother Danny McCluskie outside the Old Bailey

l: Father Tony senior and r: other brother Danny McCluskie outside the Old Bailey

Four days after Gemma’s disappearance her torso was found by a woman on the canal in a floating suitcase with her legs, arms and head missing.

Later in September her head was finally recovered.

Crime Scene where Gemma's torso was discovered

Crime Scene where Gemma’s torso was discovered

Tony McCluskie has admitted to manslaughter but denies murder, claiming he ‘blanked out’ after the argument over him moving out of the flat.

The trial continues.