Ed Sheeran was voted GQ Magazine’s Worst Dressed in their latest poll and the singer seems to be plotting his very own payback towards the publication.

The singer is nominated for Best Record at the Grammys next month, for his hit single The A Team and he’s already started drafting ideas of what he’s going to wear at the prestigious awards ceremony.

Ed revealed that he is going to smarten up his image to shut up naysayers at GQ, regarding his ‘win’ as their worst dressed, saying:

I’m going to be wearing a very posh suit to the Grammys, and if I run into GQ I’m just going to stick it to them. I’ve got a proper tailored suit made for me.

Ed’s signature style is usually rough and scruffy, but he went on to say that if he wanted to switch up his style, he’s able to do so whenever he pleases:

If I want to be smart, I can be smart, I just really don’t care.

You gotta love this guy’s honesty, in an industry that sees many claim to be fashion gurus and trend-setter’s, it’s definitely refreshing to see a down-to-earth guy who has no problem throwing on a t-shirt and scruffy pair of Nikes.

Just a tip Ed, if you’re going to wear a posh suit to prove a point to GQ, you might want to pair it with a posh pair of shoes instead of trainers. *covers eyes at the above picture*