l: Jealous ex Maureen Smith r: Victim david Corridon

l: Jealous ex Maureen Smith r: victim David Corridon

Firstly, I know what you’re thinking! What in the ufcking ufck was he doing with her!?

Five people, including a revenge seeking ex, have been found guilty of the murder and conspiracy to rob 32-year-old David Corridon on 27 February last year.

Business man David was found stabbed to death in his mother’s home on New Hall Lane, Norris Green, Merseyside after recently splitting and moving out from his home with partner of 14 years, Maureen Smith.

Happier days: David with Maureen and a group of friends

Happier days: David with Maureen and a group of friends

For the past 14 weeks, a jury at Liverpool Crown Court has heard how Maureen had been fighting with David about his supposed womanising, resulting in them splitting up, but when she heard he had swiftly moved on with a neighbour she saw red.

This lead to a number of abusive texts:

[box color=”white” icon=”user_green”]I’ll never forgive you for this. I will tell my baby you are dead[/box]

[box color=”white” icon=”user_green”]It’s fucking worth spending money to get you fucked. Drop dead. Watch yourself shit bag, I fucking mean it[/box]

Then, on the day of David’s murder, a TV was stolen from Maureen’s parents caravan, which she believed to have been taken by David.

This lead to more texts being sent to David from Maureen:

[box color=”white” icon=”user_green”]Robbing c**t. Watch yourself.[/box]

David then replied:

[box color=”white” icon=”user_green”]Y whos cummin?[/box]

The court then heard how Maureen had plotted with her sister, Kelly Smith, to get David back by arranging to have a small fortune of his stolen, which she knew he had hidden in his mother’s home.

Plotters l: Kelly Smith r: Tyrone Griffith

Plotters l: Kelly Smith r: Tyrone Griffith

This led to the pair telling 34-year-old Tyrone Griffith, from Allerton Merseyside, that David had £40,000 of drug money, which they would rob and then split.

Two other men were then recruited into the conspiracy with Griffith, brothers Nicholas, 30, and Willis Nelson, 31. (Another man is also suspected of being a fourth member of the robbery, however he has never been identified).

Brothers l: Nicholas Nelson r: Willis Nelson

Brothers l: Nicholas Nelson r: Willis Nelson

The court was told that the men wore masks and knocked on David’s door, asking to speak to Joey. They then barged their way into the hallway attacking David.

David was dragged upstairs before being left for dead after receiving multiple stab wounds to the body from both a knife and a screwdriver.

The police later found the money in the loft.

Family man David

Family man David

The court was told that it was not the intention of Maureen or Kelly for David to be killed and that they had expected him to be at his local gym. However, the jury found all five defendants guilty of murder.

Each now face life sentences in prison with Griffith also being found guilty for possession of an unlicensed firearm.